From this day forward…

This year has been a whirlwind to say the least.  I started a new job, went through some abusive-like situations, moved to Atlanta, got married, started two new business projects, and most importantly, started a journey toward improving my mental health.  


During the last year, I’ve had the worst anxiety I’ve ever imagined. Everything from a pounding heart coupled with dizziness to suicidal thoughts: I’ve experienced it. It sucks. It sucks to be in a space where there is so much self doubt surrounding your energy that you can’t control yourself and your thoughts, and ultimately become victim to the predators around you. I tried everything from essential oils to meditation to getting my blood drawn at the doctor. Really, none of that works if you’re mentally blocking these things from working. For example, you can’t properly meditate when you’re having an anxiety attack about an upcoming project for work. It just doesn’t work like that.


I gave myself an ultimatum about three months ago: to get my hot-mess self together, or accept being a victim. I chose the former, and it feels damned good. I feel empowered and like I can conquer anything that comes my way.


Part of my problem is that I’ve often described myself as a dreamer (hence the blog’s name), and it’s time to become a doer. Someone who actually makes a difference and leaves the world a better place. I want to impact others, my children, my colleagues. There are too many floating bodies in this world, and really, what good is it doing us? There is a lack of purpose among people, and I’m done with being in that space. I can’t fully live up to my abilities if I’m constantly surrounded by a cloud of anxiety.


So from this day forward, things are going to be a lot different. 


From this day forward, I’m promising myself to be more confident. There is nothing wrong with me and my abilities. 

From this day forward, I’m promising myself to live up to my dreams. My family and I deserve a full life. My cup needs to runneth over times 5.

From this day forward, I’m promising myself to stick to my goals. Be a consistent person and someone who has backbone and follow-through. 

From this day forward, I’m promising myself to make my mental sanity a priority. F*** your feelings, what about mine? 

From this day forward, I’m promising myself to surround myself with happiness. I’m not here for the negativity. 


We all deserve this!


I started this blog as a business blog, and as the years went on, I found too many people were cramming up the digital space. Within the last few weeks, I’ve decided to let all of that go and focus on myself. I mean, for real, if I see one more “10x your business with this formula!” I’m gonna lose it. I don’t want to be a part of that group, so from now on, this blog as a space to maintain my mental clarity. I don’t know yet what all I’m going to talk about, but I know that I need it as an outlet.


Much love to you, and here’s to mental clarity.



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