How to Create an Effective Blog Content Strategy

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Today, I want to chat about something that can really place you at the top of your game if you’re able to make the right moves.

We all have our favorite blogs out there, right?  One of my favorite blogs is The Nectar Collective.  Melyssa does such a great job of speaking to me through her content…. I mean… she really speaks to me.  When she writes her content, it sounds like she made it specifically for me.

But WHY does her content speak to me?

Because I’m her target audience.

I’m her avatar.

Her content speaks to me because she strategically designed it for me.

This, my friends, is called content marketing, and every blog needs a content marketing strategy.  Content marketing is a strategic inbound marketing tactic that allows you to position yourself as an authority to people who need the exact type of information and content that you create.  For example, if I owned a holistic pet store, it would probably be in my best interest to create content that demonstrates that I’m well versed in holistic pet care.  Why?  Because this is what gains trust… it’s what creates community… and it’s what converts into sales and leads.

Content marketing is all about creating content that is useful, relevant, and valuable to your target audience.  If you don’t remember anything about business, remember this:  all of your business strategies should be made with your target audience in mind.  The days of being pretty and running a business only to gain a following are over, dear.  It’s time to really step up your game, and show your audience that you know what’s up.  Show them that you’re a valued source.  If you’re making the choice to run an online business, you also need to make the choice to take it seriously.  Otherwise, your profitability suffers and your time is wasted.

Let’s chat about how you can actually put this into play.  First, you need truly define your target audience.  Go through your existing customers/ readers/ followers and analyze:

• what they do in their spare time

• what do they invest their money in

• target audience basics (education, income level, extracurricular activities, interests)

• what competitors they’re following on social media

• what types of brands, or people, they enjoy interacting with

Before we go on, I just want to add a little side note about how to analyze your target audience, and this is just my personal opinion.  I truly feel that target marketing can go one of two ways.  First, I feel like your audience can be people that you naturally attract.  These might be people who are interested in what you have to say based off your content, social media profiles, etc.  But then there are also people who you strategically try to attract with your content.  For example, my blog is mainly for brand new female entrepreneurs.  Typically, my kind of girl has been in business for less than a year and is really trying to find her way to creating an efficient business that has a ton of potential to grow.  However, I find myself attracting some women who have been running businesses longer than I have.  This leads me to believe one thing: I have content that can appeal to women with a variety of business experience.  My blog is still truly meant for new entrepreneurs, though, and that is who I will continue to create content for.

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So, back to the goods.  Social media is a great way to research your audience.  Check out this chart to see where your audience is hanging out:

Next, you need to really listen in and figure out what your audience is struggling with.  Trust me, it can be easier to find than you think!  I see it all the time in Facebook groups… in fact, this might be one of the best places to look because people are asking for advice all day long.  This is one of the major purposes of these types of groups: support and mentorship. Remember the golden rule: LURK, DON’T ASK.  Asking is almost like saying, “Yeah, I don’t feel like doing the work so I’m just gonna ask you what you’re struggling with and then sell to you later!”  And yes… I’ve done this before.  Not with those intentions, but this is how it looks.

Finally, you need to put all of your ideas together and make your strategy.  Your strategy needs to focus on how you can give your audience exactly what they’re looking for AND give them added value they weren’t expecting.  Consider things like this:

-How can I give my audience incentives to join my email list?

-How can I give my email subscribers free value whenever I send a newsletter?

-How can I create content that NO ONE else is creating?

-How can I position myself as an authority and create trust within my community?

Give your audience more value by giving them more knowledge to savor!  Give them free workbooks (like the one at the end of this post), templates, designs… whatever!  Just give them enough so that they feel like they’re not wasting their time.  If they’re serious about your subject matter, they won’t feel like this.  If they do, then they’re not likely to be an exact target for you.

Here’s some tips to really help you along your way:

• Have a clear cut goal in mind when you’re creating your blog content strategy.  

Are you writing to address pain points that you solve in your paid digital products?  Are you creating content that makes people want to buy clothing from your favorite boutique?  Decide what the overall purpose of your content marketing strategy will be before you start jotting down content ideas.

• Write directly to your reader who is struggling. 

If someone reading your blog post isn’t already a subscriber or avid reader, there’s a good chance they probably saw your post on social media and felt enticed enough to click through.  She’s probably reading to solve a problem anyway.  Now that you’ve got her on your blog, it’s time to make her feel like she’s hit the jackpot with your blog.  Nothing feels better than running across a relevant piece of content that can put your frustration to rest.  So do that for her!

• Be consistent. 

No marketing effort really succeeds with a lack of consistency.  Post regularly so that your audience can engage with you and share your content.

• Link to your own content.

Keep your reader on your site!  This is a great way to show your reader that if anyone can answer their questions, it’s you.  You’ll often see probloggers using this strategy, and it really works.

• Share and reshare!

One of the most important things that I’ve learned is that you get consistent traffic when you share your posts when it’s first published, and then again a week later, and then again a month later.  Not all of your ideal readers will see your post as soon as it’s published.  It should be your goal to get your eyes on as many posts as you can in a day!   This can be done by simply scheduling a tweet or posting on Facebook.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!  Please download your free workbook and put these tips and your findings to work!  I promise, you won’t regret fine tuning your strategy.  What was your favorite tip from this post?  If you didn’t have one, what can you add to this post?

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