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Stephanie Rollins is a free-spirited mom who loves culinary delights, DIY projects, and cultural dance. She has a background in beauty journalism and loves to thumb through inspirational books when she's not chasing her two boys. Stephanie currently lives in Virginia and has big dreams to move to Los Angeles... or anywhere in Southern California.
30 03, 2016

How to Create an Automated Social Media Strategy

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How to Create an Automated Social Media Strategy

So you’ve fixed your cup of chamomile tea, you’ve done your morning stretches, and  you’re ready to start your day.  You prance over to your to-do list, giddy to start your day, and you stop in your tracks.  All in an instant, that day you couldn’t wait to conquer, turns into one where you’d just rather Netflix and chill all day.  Why?  Because… you’ve got to tweet at least three pieces of content, create a graphic for Instagram, write newsletters, publish your latest blog post on Facebook, and this isn’t including checking emails and creating content for your blog or business.

We all get busy.. I mean, it’s kind of in an entrepreneur’s […]

17 03, 2016

How to Create an Effective Blog Content Strategy

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How to Create an Effective Blog Content Strategy

What’s up, bossladies!

Today, I want to chat about something that can really place you at the top of your game if you’re able to make the right moves.

We all have our favorite blogs out there, right?  One of my favorite blogs is The Nectar Collective.  Melyssa does such a great job of speaking to me through her content…. I mean… she really speaks to me.  When she writes her content, it sounds like she made it specifically for me.

But WHY does her content speak to me?

Because I’m her target audience.

I’m her avatar.

Her content speaks to me because she strategically designed it for me.

This, my friends, is called content […]