About Me

So I guess you can say that I’ve lived a pretty decent life. I grew up as an Army brat, traveled the world on the government’s dime, was a cheerleader growing up, made good grades, and I have one completed degree.  Right now, I’m working on my Master’s degree and chasing two young boys.  And then, crazily, I decided to start this blog.


I’ve always dreamed of living a lavish life… not because of the money or fame, but because of the freedom.  It took me ten years of working jobs to realize that I was completely miserable trying to make a living. Blogging caught my eye in 2010 when beauty information sharing started to become trendy.  Five years later, the blogosphere is saturated with beauty bloggers and, frankly, I just don’t care about documenting makeup looks and beauty secrets anymore. Now, I’m more intrigued with the entrepreneur lifestyle, strengthening my efforts toward my own business, and being a kickass business owner.  Being an entrepreneur is an experience unlike any other… it brings freedom and fulfillment that is completely under your control.  That’s what I’ve always dreamed of!  A life of FREEDOM… and nonstop travel with awesome culinary delights and cocktails.  I’m getting to a point in my life where knowledge is very important to me, and nothing is better than knowledge about how you can make your life worth living.


So here’s what I do… I help aspiring female entrepreneurs hone in on a dynamic digital marketing strategy that includes Pinterest.  Why do I do this?


Because when I started my first business, I had NO idea how the hell to strategically scale ANYTHING!  I didn’t know anything about growing a business, despite what my mind was telling me.  According to that, I knew everything… I had only one plan on how to grow my biz, and when that flopped I was completely clueless.


At the time, I didn’t really get that starting a business was going to be learning lesson after lesson after lesson, so I felt stupid and defeated instead of empowered and ready to learn.  In this blog, I’m going to teach you how to use the digital space to your advantage, how to enthusiastically learn from your mistakes, and how to look for opportunities that are literally right in front of you on Pinterest.  Trust me, we’re going to learn a lot from each other so get ready for the ride!



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